until the next great star party on...
Wednesday 11th February
The March date will be announced soon!
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If the weather is bad, meetings are moved one day forwards or backwards. Click here to find out more

New to the society?

Planning to join us
for the first time?

Worried about being
a novice, or about not
owning any equipment?


We welcome absolute beginners with or without telescopes to join us at all of our free events, so please don't be shy!

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All the equipment you need from the experts supporting the BSIA, just off Baker Street!
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Curious Incidents

(from the blog)

The Baker Street Irregular Astronomers (BSIA) hosts monthly star parties in the beautiful Regents Park, inviting everyone to enjoy the sky we all share.

Our meetings are free
and always will be.

We're a grassroots organisation determined to challenge the notion that there's no point in pursuing astronomy in the heavily light-polluted centre of London. We've peered millions of light years from Regents Park and you can too.
We engage the public and the press to ensure that amateur astronomy is as well represented in this great city as it is anywhere.
Curious about the Cosmos? Then you have everything you need to become an Irregular Astronomer...
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Did you know?...

On Venus, a day is longer than a year.
The coldest known stars are about as warm as a fresh cup of tea.
It takes about 1.3 seconds for moonlight to reach the Earth's surface.